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Facebook Campaign Management – $1000/pm

Are you trying to sell info-products online with Facebook ads but you have no idea what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong? I offer a 90-day paid traffic program. The secrets in developing high converting Facebook marketing campaigns is getting the basics right.

Be sure to get over 2X ROI consistently over the 90-day period and completely transform how you approach Facebook Marketing.

Ads & Sales Funnels Consulting – $120

Want consultancy on how to create high converting Campaigns for your info-products business? … Book a consultancy and I will take you through the secrets of high converting Funnels. How to set up successful campaigns and how to automate what makes you money. For all consulting inquiries, please email at ochanjitimothy@gmail.com

Facebook Marketing


When just starting out you may not have budgets to involve an expert to manage your ads professionally or to invest in yourself through consultations.

But you still want to find success with your marketing, right? Awesome.

I offer a few products that will guide you in creating high converting Facebook Marketing campaigns and Online sales funnels.

Conversion 2.0

In this advanced E-book I detail out a guide on how to create high converting Facebook Ads for info-products. From how to do your targeting the right way, to how to test and find winning ads as well as copywriting and kind of marketing funnels which will get you results.

This is a must have resource if you want to find mind-blowing results with Facebook Marketing and sales funnels.

Traffic 3.0

Master the advanced strategies to drive insane high value traffic to your pages and save tonnes of money