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Discover the Secrets of Filling your Funnel with Quality Traffic

It’s awesome that you have selected your niche, started developing great content and have a killer offer to build an e-mail list. Everything is set. Weeks go by without any significant traction and you begin wondering. How the heck do I get traffic to this thing?

It should be funny that this is the point you even start thinking about traffic. See most software like Clickfunnels, have been marketed to make you think that just by building a funnel will sort you out. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but after that you need traffic.

I will introduce you to some tips you can start implementing today to start driving traffic to those landing pages and start getting conversions.


In my experience when it comes to Traffic, entrepreneurs either have time or money. Never both. Those with money focus on running paid ads as a traffic source. Though you can get great results with pain ads especially Facebook ads, if you want to build a long-term business I usually advise that you do the groundwork and invest your time in long term traffic strategies.

Paid ads are a pay to play mechanism. You will get traffic and results but when you stop paying the party stops. When you are starting out you probably have a ton of time on your hands so I will implore you to put it into implementing the strategies I will show you. Once money starts coming in then you can incorporate paid ads into your promotion mix, but for Petes sake build a sustainable business founded on offering value to your audience.

1.On-page SEO


Visit online tools like Moz, Google keyword planner or SEM rush and search for the terms within your niche you want to be associated with your business. When searching for keywords always go for ones with high search volume and low competition. These are the low hanging fruits. Once you have selected a keyword, incorporate it in the following whenever creating your content:

  • Headlines
  • Sub headlines
  • Image alt text
  • Body copy
  • Links

2.Blog…A lot


You have probably come across the term “Content is king” well it still is king and you need to get your content game in line if you are to get traffic to your site without spending a dime. As long as you keeping spinning out content within your niche that your audience finds valuable then they will keep coming back.

Even better they may opt-in into your mailing list. A lot of people overthink this part and spin excuses about how they can’t write and all. Just get started and put whatever you can out there. The more you do it the better you get at it. When I started out daily blogging I had zero confidence in my ability to write. I would get stuck on one paragraph for ages thinking of how I could frame it better, this that or the other.

Then it hit me I could just write the way I would talk to someone if they were seated across the table, so that’s what I started doing. Just writing. It’s not perfect am no Churchill but sure developing content has gotten easier and my quality is getting better by the day. Do that. Let me know how it works out for you.


A very important part of blogging is links building. This involves getting other websites to link back to you. The more quality links your site have, more authority it commands hence higher ranking.


3. Get on Q&A communities


Thousands of people daily opt to ask pressing questions on sites like Quora. Your work is super simple. Visit these sites and search for questions within your niche. Open them in various tabs and start answering them one by one. Don’t worry if multiple people have already provided answers to the question.

Proceed and give super detailed well thought out answers and whenever possible link them to an article or piece of content you had created along the same line as the question asked. This is super important as it’s the only way to get them off Quora into your website and hopefully join your e-mail list.

Do this often. I recommend twice-weekly and overtime you will. Start getting results as new people looking for the same questions land on your detailed answers linked back to your site.

4. Use social media Smartly


This is by far this is the most undervalued channel to bring in traffic and build your e-mail list. But it’s important to note that most social platforms are tweaking their algorithms to get you to pay for attention. So, it’s getting harder to get traction on social media with just regular posting. That’s why I recommend doing live videos.

Generally, go heavy on video. Facebook Loves video and as long as you consistently provide value to your audience through video you will start gaining traction. Remember to use hashtags smartly and as long as your content resonates you will grow. Remember same as blogging you need to do it a lot to get better at it.

When you get started talking by yourself will seem intimidating. In most cases, there will be nobody online to watch and you will literally be talking to yourself at that moment which can be depressing. But over time say in a week’s time you will see people are watching your stuff. So, don’t let anybody kill your game.

You are playing the long game and you got this.

5.E-mail your subscribers

I am all about the E-mail list. However small your e-mail list, start engaging and bringing them to your world. Share your best content with them first, but be careful not to sperm them because you don’t want them leaving your list in mass. Twice a week is great. It doesn’t matter if you only have five subs, make those five feel like they are the most important people to you.


You are wondering why I did not cover Pinterest under social media, Well, that’s because Pinterest is not a. social platform. It’s a search engine just like google. That’s what most people don’t know, and that also comes with a lot of opportunities Pinterest is awesome and is the hidden magic behind the success of most overnight online success stories. Get on it you aren’t already.

Make sure you switch to the business account which will give you access to analytics and cool stuff like that. Join a few boards and start pinning away. Checkout Tailwind and learn all about it. Pinterest literally drive upwards of 10000 visits to my blog and it’s not like am even doing it at scale, so get on it and get this thing started. Figure this one thing out and change your business.

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