7 Reasons Why Some Online Entrepreneurs Find Success Faster than Others


So finally, you make your move on being an online entrepreneur. You set things up. Get good hosting and start putting content out. Then Crickets. You wonder what’s going on. You probably make an offer and no one takes you up on it.

What are you doing wrong? Like really. Everyone else and their friends seem to be starting online businesses and scaling them to six-figure businesses under a year. Whether you are trying to turn your blog into a business or you want to sell products online or offer to coach, success online doesn’t happen by accident.

I reached out to over twelve successful online entrepreneurs who built and scaled their online business in under one year and here are their reasons for success.

Follow these are you might as well start making money online.

Done? Ok, let’s get to it.


1. Have the right mindset.

If you believe it cannot happen to you then you are literally slowing down your success. There is a quote going around that if you take all the money from the richest people and give it out to the poorest of people, then it’s only a matter of time. Before the rich are rich again and the poor are back to where they were.

It’s not that rich people are better people but they have a winning mindset. They are self-motivated and know. What they have to do to get what they want. So, they show up every day until they get it.

If you approach this with the mindset that you will work two hours a day and make thousands of dollars so you can sip cocktails in Bali then you are in for the shocker. Like any other business, this will take work. A lot of boring hours spent creating content and promoting it.

Have a goal, break it down into tasks and show up every day until you get your results. Then keep it going.


2. Avoid squirrel syndrome

Picture this scenario, you are driving on a highway and see a tiny figure start crossing the road and stop right in the middle of the road. You get closer and finally, it decides to cross over to the other side but immediately questions its decision and dashes back to the other side where it originally came from.

That’s a day in the life of a squirrel. You immediately press on your breaks but it’s too late. Another cute squirrel lost. This tragic inability of the squirrel to make a simple decision and stick to it is a testament to the squirrel carcases we drive past every day on our roads.

As an online entrepreneur, you need to understand that the money is in the niches. Choose your niche and go for it. The more you go back and forth the more you delay your online success and totally diminishing the possibility of making money online.

3. Shamelessly promote yourself

It’s astoundingly interesting how often it’s not the one with better mastery of a skill who reaps the rewards. Clickfunnels is not the best landing page and funnel builder but its shamelessly promoted to the level where people feel that their financial freedom is just a funnel away.

Gary Vaynerchuk is by no means the best entrepreneur of our time but as we speak he is the go-to for entrepreneurial advice and one of the highest-paid speakers in his space.DJ Khalid is no rapper compared to other rappers in the world, but he has promoted himself so well that he has become one of the highest-paid and most recognizable faces in music. When all he does is shout his name between lyrics.

Game of thrones…actually the game of thrones is the best show ever created and also well promoted. You get the drift. When you promote you give people something to rally behind, a cause to support and that builds your influence and lines your bank account.

4.Develop a system

One of my favourite online marketing stories is that of Iman Gadzhi of Grow your Agency. A high school dropout who has gone on to build a 7-figure online business in under 3 years. I have followed his progress from initial stages and the systems he has built for his business are breath-taking.

Putting systems is fundamental for every online entrepreneur. It not only gets you to run an efficient business but gives you back your time so you can focus on things you care about.

5.Model.Why Invent

Online entrepreneurs who are good at their game engage in what is called modelling. This is based on a simple premise. Why invent something when its already been invented. Find something that has worked or is working well and copy.

Trying to sell stuff? Find a funnel that is already converting well and copy it. Of course, you need to bring your touch to it, but there is no point creating a funnel from scratch when you can hack a funnel that’s already working, give it your touch and launch it.

The drill is simple. Do your research to find people you wanna benchmark your site against. Ideally people in your niche that are already killing it. Study what they are doing and go it as well.


6.Learn fast and execute

Being able to learn fast, test and improve is critical in creating a successful online or turn your blog into a business. Learning and implementing improves your confidence to execute.

I don’t mean going back to school to learn as in the words of Rory Sutherland, formal education does not work by teaching you things, it works by giving you the impression that you have had a very good education which gives insane amount of self-confidence, which makes you successful in later life. Welcome to Havard ladies and gentlemen.

Self-learning is the online entrepreneur ultimate guide to making a fortune.

7.Embrace the suck

The process of building an online business is hard and most of the time you will do tasks that may seem repetitive and boring. Everyone hates doing these things but it’s part of getting the results you want. Nobody wants to churn out 3 2000-word articles every week but you need it. Doing video is hard. But you need to just suck it up and get this stuff out. The more you can embrace the bad stuff the easier it becomes to start getting success online. Fail fast and test staff around.

As long as you put in the work and is consistent then you will start realizing your online dreams. Keep these in mind and you are on your way to becoming an online entrepreneur and turn your blog into a business.



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