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How to Nurture your E-mail List Subscribers so they Want to Buy from You

I will let you in on a quick e-mail list launch math that most pro online creators already know. That when it comes to launching:

#of people in your e-mail list * 0.01=#number of buyers

Which means on average if you have a thousand people in your mailing list there is a good chance about ten people will buy from you. If you multiply that with the unit cost of your course minus your expenses like hosting software and landing page software etc., you are left with pure profit.

Let me get this a bit on the narrow. Let’s assume your course is $247 and you are launching to a list of 1000 people then you are on your way to having a $2470 launch. These are sales from your E-mail list alone, then this followed up with targeted Facebook ads and retargeting strategies could get you to between $7000-$10000 on your first launch.

Too simplistic?

This sounds super simple on paper and maybe I am oversimplifying it but this simple formula has worked for hundreds of info product entrepreneurs. Successful course creators will tell you to prioritize list building. Having thousands of social media followers is cool but a list is still a reliable workhorse that will deliver insane results, and as a bonus is an audience you own and have their permission to market to. Facebook may shut you down the following day and just like that your audience is gone but a list is something you own.

But how do you sell to my mailing list?

Just having an email list is not enough. You need to provide them value and constantly engage with them to a point they feel you can solve their problems and your solution is what they need to sort out their challenges.

Your job as a course creator is to turn your subscribers to fans who are ready to pay for your advice. And here is how you go about it:

Create an elaborate welcome series for your E-mail list subscribers

creating an elaborate welcome series for your e-mail subscribers

Treat this like you started dating someone. You don’t meet people and start right away asking for stuff from them. You introduce yourself, tell them a bit about yourself, ask them out on a date and it goes on from there. In my experience initial e-mails, you send out seem to have high open rates. Capitalize on that to ensure you make a good impression, let the subscriber know you and what you care about. Get personal and provide them value. Just give give give and don’t expect anything back. Just yet.

Most people will just send a single welcome e-mail with whatever the subscriber signed up for and the next e-mail they have already moved them to the newsletter. This is a bad strategy. Create an elaborate welcome sequence to create rapport and make an impression. If someone signed up for something, then they like something about you or your brand or what you said, now it’s your job to make them stick around. Keep it interesting.

Share value-packed video tutorials

Create value packed video tutorials to nurture your mailing list

It’s clear most people love video especially as a mode of learning something new or they are deeply interested in. This is because video gives you the capacity to take your audience step by step through something they are dying to learn. If you teach entrepreneurs about how to run high converting Facebook ads, then you can take them on a step by step journey on how to create a Facebook ad or how to install Facebook Pixels. These are clear value-based content that your audience will appreciate and keep them coming for more.

If you have never done videos before, this can be super intimidating but just keep rolling with it. It gets easier and comfortable the more you do it. Initially, your videos will not be all that crisp and you will screw up a lot. That’s fine. Go on.

Segment your list

How to segment your mailing list

Segmentation of your mailing list is one of the most powerful strategies you can deploy in your e-mail marketing. It basically allows you to create personalized messages to addresses the pain points of your audience and speaks to their heart. People feel you are talking to them at an individual level and that is key in getting them to make buying decisions when you make the main offer. You can segment by gender, age, past purchases (For future upsells) Buyer personas etc.

Be consistent

How to consistently engage with your e-mail list subscribers

You are trying to create a relationship between you and your audience and you don’t achieve that by sharing with them in a careless manner. Have a schedule to communicate with your audience at least on a weekly basis and strive to stick to it and share as much value as possible. Real fans will read everything you put out and others might not consume. Everything you put out but you will be on their radar. There is a theory of 1000 true fans. That all you need in business is to have 1000 true fans who consume everything you put out and every product you put out. Strive to get the 1000 true fans and you have a business.

Answer FAQs in the form of blog posts

How to use frequently asked questions to serve relevant content to your e-mail list subscribers

As your list grows and if you follow my advice well you will start getting loads of engagement. Try as much as possible to reply personally to as many as possible. Over time you will note a trend of questions that keep coming up. These are critical pain points to your audience and the best way to address them is creating content to answer those specific pain points and sharing with your larger audience.

Promote evergreen blog content

How to promote your content to your mailing list

Recycle your most popular evergreen content for days since every day people come into your list and new people are always interacting with your content and they are reminded or informed of this piece of content.


  • Prioritize list building
  • Size and quality of your list is directly related to your income
  • List nurturing is how you turn your subscribers to paying customers
  • Keep testing to find what works
  • Promote! Promote! Promote!


Nurturing your e-mail list is an essential process of moving your audience from just content consumers to actual paying customers and is a process that you need to prioritize alongside list building. As with everything in online marketing test these steps and identify what works best. What moves gets you the most engagement. When that is identified then do more of that. That’s the principle of business. Doing more of what works.

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