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How add Facebook Pixel to WordPress Website

I frequently get questions on how to add facebook pixel to WordPress websites. Facebook pixel is the most basic installation anyone intending on running ad should install as it allows for tracking, creating different events and provides data needed to optimize campaigns.

So today I will take you through a quick process on how to add Facebook Pixel on the WordPress website. It’s super interesting that Facebook contractors still charge for pixel installation so am going to save you tones of money with this quick process which takes barely minutes and you should be ready to go.

For starters for you to advertise on Facebook, you need to have a page and an ad account. I assume you already have a page and an ad account as we speak, for complete beginners check out how to set up a page and how to set up your Facebook ad account.

Let’s get into it:

Step 1

Access the Ad manager from the manage Ads button on the far right of your Facebook page

Step 2

Once inside the Ads manager navigate to the measure & report column

Step 3

Click on the Pixels button to create a pixel code

Step 4

You will land on this page, proceed to create a pixel button

Step 5

Add your website to proceed.Do note that adding of the website URL at this point is optional

Step 6

You can Install a pixel my manually installing a code yourself or connecting to a partner platform. I highly recommend the partner platform as it is super easy for the less tech-savvy

Step 7

Choose WordPress from the menu and proceed

Step 8

You will be able to download a plugin which you need to install in your WordPress website before authenticating from the same window.

Step 9

Download the plugin and save it on your desktop for ease of access

Step 10

Log into your WordPress and on the dashboard navigate down to the Plugins section

Step 11

Hover on plugins and select the “Add New” button

Step 12

Click on the add new button to upload the plugin originally download from Facebook.

Step 13

Go to the “Upload plugin button & click to upload

Step 14

Click on upload plugin

Step 15

Select the previously downloaded file and press “install now”

Step 16

Once uploaded it will appear under your”All plugins” plugins section as “Official Facebook Pixel”

Step 17

Press “Activate” to connect it

Step 18

Go back to the Facebook window and check through to “Confirmation”

Congratulations, you have installed your pixel and you can now start collecting data


And there you have a complete how  to add a Facebook pixel to WordPress website.


To ensure your pixel is live, Download an extension on your chrome browser named “Pixel helper”.There will be a green highlight confirming the pixel is firing

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