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Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers

Facebook ads for wedding photographers is a topic I have been meaning to discuss for a while now. Not just because I have friends doing this but also because I understand first-hand how it can be difficult to get clients.

Most wedding photographers who have built a name for themselves find it easy to find work through referrals, but what if you are starting out from scratch and trying to make sure you are booked every weekend? That’s what I wanted to go through today.

Facebook ads for wedding photographers

Teach wedding photographers how to have so much business they don’t know what to do with through Facebook ads.

Basics of Facebook Ads for wedding photographers

 The most basic thing will be to create a Facebook and Instagram page where you share your work. I do recommend you tell a little story not just posting the pictures and moving on.

Talk about how you met the couple or how working with them was like. This is a great way for people to share with their friends and builds some awareness.

As you get a little traction on your page Facebook will recommend that you boost certain posts to reach more people. Do not boost. You will be wasting your money. I will give you a step by step guide that any wedding photographer can use to get clients at will through Lead ads.

Your research will start in the audience insights tool. Google “Facebook audience insights” and go to the link shown below.

Facebook audience insights

Proceed to the tool and you will land on the page below. The audience insight tool lets you learn as much as possible about your prospective clients so your targeting is spot on.

Facebook audience insights for wedding photographers

The tool gives you the option to drill down on people who are already part of that group you created or the general Facebook population. Select everyone on Facebook and begin to drill down on your audience.

First and foremost, to create Facebook Ads for wedding photographers, you want to narrow down to where you are based. In my case, I used Boston for explanation purposes.

Then scroll down on the left down to a button marked “Advanced”. This will give you the ability to narrow your audience as accurately as possible. Under the “Relationship Status”, Check “Engaged” and Engaged (6 months)

Creating an audience from audience insights

In my case, I now know I can now target 1000-1500 people in Boston Massachusetts who got engaged in the last 6 months hence on way to getting married soon.

You can drill this down further as you like, e.g. If based on your past experience you have figured that women are the ones who make photography decisions on their weddings then you can further drill down the audience to only females in Boston (Or whatever town you live in) who got engaged in the last 6 months.

Once done scroll to the top and save the audience you just created. Give it a name you can easily identify. You can also save the audience by date since you might prefer to run ads frequently so you don’t want confusions.


Privacy Policy

For you to run lead adds on Facebook you will need to have updated the privacy policy on your website. This is critical as you can’t run a lead add without it.

So, if you are using WordPress create a page and add it on your footer menu. When this is done then you can now proceed and start working on the details.


Facebook Pixel.

After you have collected contacts from your prospects, they will be redirected to your websites landing page or home page. In that regard, I recommend you install Facebook pixel on your website so you can retarget these people in the near future.

Great. Everything is set. Let’s now create some ads…


How to create Lead Gen Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers.

 Press on the create button and choose the Lead generation under objectives in your Facebook ads manager. Proceed and create the ad. Under audiences use the audience you had saved from the audience insights tool.

How to create Facebook lead generation ads for wedding photographers

Try to ensure that you have 3 different creatives, ideally carousel, video and a gif which tend to work great. Just create one add then duplicate it and swap creatives accordingly. Always monitor your ads till around 4000 impressions then scale winners and stop losers.

Creating Facebook lead ad forms

Go to the “New Form” button to start developing your lead for as per the required needs. Before you go further proceed to the settings section of the form and select “open” so your audience can share it around.


Write compelling copy

You have to write compelling copy that will trigger action. Let’s say you have done a quick video of the previous work you have done. Just different best shots put together, then the copy needs to compel them to view it and sign up for a free quote.

Also, give clear instructions on the form on what you expect them to do next. Whether to request a quote or consultation call. Just be very specific in the next action points.

Wedding photography ad examples

When creating ads is great to have examples of what kind of ads to do. You also wanna know what works.

I use a resource called Adespresso. They have libraries of ad examples that you can use as a reference point when creating Facebook ads for wedding photographers.



In a world a niche where getting clients can be very difficult, Facebook ads is your silver bullet to get more leads and business into your practice.

When done well, Facebook lead generation can be a powerful tool to fill your funnel with high-quality leads.

Facebook marketing for photographers

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